Straight Sided Lentil

This is a tool that we created out of the desire to have the classic Lentil domed surface, but have more glass around the mandrel so the face of the bead is completely round, avoiding the divots created by the lack of glass around the mandrel in the Lentil shape.

The Straight sided lentil has full glass around the mandrels and then the domed surface starts.  There are 2 versions of this shape: Original and Slim.  The difference between the two thicknesses is most noticed in the depth of the dome.  The mandrel channel is the same thickness, but the Original profile has a more pronounced curve to the dome than the slim version, which is more gradual in the arch.  Both are great, both have the same surface space for decoration.  How do you decide?  If you like chunky, and work mostly in smooth surface decoration you may enjoy the Original format better.  If you like a sleeker appearance, or do a lot of raised decoration, you may prefer the Slim option.

Both formats come in the full range of Zoozii's sizes, with the Original Straight Sided lentil having one smaller size in the Itty Bitty Trio measuring 11mm and one larger size XXL which is 2"!

Original Slim
Itty Bitty 11mm x 6mm thick N/A
Mini 13mm x 8mm thick Mini 13mm x  mm thick
Small 15mm x 8mm thick Small 15mm x  mm thick
Medium 18mm x 10mm thick Medium 18mm x mm thick
Medium+ 21mm x  mm thick Medium+ 21mm x  mm thick
Large 24.5 mm (1") x mm thick Large 24.5mm (1") x mm thick
Large + 31mm (1.25") x mm thick Large+ 31mm (1.25") x mm thick
XLarge  38mm (1.5") x mm thick XLarge 38mm (1.5") x mm thick
XXLarge  2" x mm thick N/A