Sizing - How does it translate?

Hi!  Let's talk sizes.  One challenge of ordering tools online is sizing.  I'm here to simplify this process for you! 

In general, Zooziis has standard sizing:

Lentil Trio:

  • Mini 13mm x 7mm
  • Small 15mm x 8mm
  • Medium 18mm x 9mm

Medium+:  21mm x  12mm

Large:  24.5mm (1") x 14mm

Large +:  31mm (1.25") x 14mm

XL:  38mm (1.5") x 18mm

We have a few tools that fall outside that sizing, like the itty bitty which is in an 11mm range, and we have one big whopping Straight Sided Lentil that measures 2" across!  We try to keep tools in typical sizes to make it easier for you to shop and make it easier for you or your customer to then incorporate into jewelry designs!

So what do those mm look like in real life?

Compared to US Coins:

  • The US Quarter is approximately 24mm which is about 1" and compares to our Large size range!
  • The US Nickel is approximately 21mm which is little more than 3/4" and compares to our Medium+ size range.
  • The US Dime is approximately 18mm which compares to our Medium size range.
  • The US Half Dollar is approximately 31mm which compares to our Large+ size range.

Let's talk Jewelry:

Earrings are generally made with the Mini through Medium size ranges with Medium being on the outside edge of typical.

Bracelets work well in anything from Mini through Medium+ with anything larger being a bit chunkier than the average wearer would enjoy.

Necklaces can be made with any of the sizes, with the Mini through Medium+ being great for strung bead necklaces, and Large through XL creating great focals.  This is a general suggestion.  Some people would really enjoy the Medium+ as a dainty focal, and others would love a big, chunky necklace of Large plus strung around their neck, we just want to give you typical ranges here, not limit your creativity!