I live in the seacoast area of NH, which brings me great joy in many ways, one of which is how close I am to the beach.  I love a grounding walk in the sand when life is swimming around.  This press allows you to create reminders of the memories people have of their own times on the beach.  

We have 2 mandrel orientations, Vertical: up and down the center or Horizontal: left to right slightly above center to allow the finished bead to hang well on bead wire.

We have multiple sizes of this shape:

Duos: The cavities in this press create beads in the Medium and Medium+ size range.

Medium: measures 19mm hole to hole and side to side, and is about 7.5mm thick.

Medium+: measures 22mm hole to hole and side to side and is about 8mm thick.

Large: The cavity in this press creates beads in the Large size range.

The press provides great definition and a sweet shape. I recommend the use of a razor tool, or similar item, to help define the ridges, as there is a small amount of webbing on the outer edge. The webbing is not significant, but your shell will look much more finished with a simple "tweak" at the end.