Curved Mandrel and Presses

The curved mandrel is super cool.  First you can use it to make curved beads!  You can also use it to make free form beads that will not flip!  The mandrel creates a curved channel for your bead cord.  That curve keep the bead from being able to spin freely on the cord like a straight channel allows!  

We created presses that can be used with these mandrels!  One is a Curved Focal press that does make a unique curved focal bead, that some decorate so it stands on it's own, while others use a foundation for other creations!

We also offer two Unflippable bead options, the Lentil and Nugget, both if focal sizes, both work with the curved channel the mandrel creates, letting you have a bead that will not flip.  You can take advantage of this design element and decorate each size, very distinctly.  Maybe a sun on one side, a moon on the other, or bright fun decorations on one side, with more subtle neutral tones on the other, which would allow the wearer to double up on the clothing options...if they aren't aware that art doesn't have to match your shirt!