Essential Oils

Vitality, Energy, and Creativity!  It's the stuff a good torch session is born out of!  If you feel lousy when you hit the torch you struggle to most exciting thing you make is the sizzle sound of another crappy bead hitting the water jar.  Be honest, even if you don't dunk bad beads, if you aren't feeling your best, you aren't making your best.

This is Amy, in addition to a glass artist, and tool maker, I am a Wellness Advocate.  I advocate for my wellness and I love to teach others how to be their own Wellness Advocate!  

If you want to learn more about how essential oils can support the Vitality, Energy and Creativity you are looking for, please enjoy shopping for some of my personally favorite items, curated in this store to make the exploration of essential oils easy for you, and then head over to for more great tips on how to feel great at the torch and in the rest of your life!