Deco Drops

It's a square cone! This very cool shape received it's name form Mary Ann Helmond, who was the winner of the "name the press game" at the 2012 Gathering in Bellevue Washington.  I think it's perfect!

This press comes in a duo with two sizes that measure:

  • Smaller Cavity: 17mm long, 11 mm wide at the widest end and 7 mm at the narrow end
  • Larger cavity: 27 mm long, 16 mm wide at the widest end and 9 mm at the narrow end

There is a larger focal that measures:

  • 37 mm long (1.5") and is 18mm wide at the widest part and 9mm at the narrow end

There are different mandrel groove size options to select when checking out.

This shape is very user friendly.  You lay the glass in a simple tapered cone, I like to then marver it in the cavity.  Heat, then press.  If you have a little too much glass, so you get a ridge where the press top and bottom join, simply heat and put back in the cavity 1/4 turn from your original press.  This puts the ridge into the valley of the press and should help to smooth it out.