Straight Sided Lentil XL

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We love the classic lentil shape, but many folks find the indents that occur near the mandrel a challenge when designing jewelry.  The solution to this occurring is to add more glass around the mandrel.  We did this by creating a straight side where the mandrel passes through.  We gave it a nice domed surface so it creates a lentil look with a full round face!  We LOVE this modification!  
There are two options, the ORIGINAL thickness that is a bit chunky and has a more pronounced dome, and the SLIM version that has a lower profile dome, making the finished bead a little lighter and thinner. 

They measure:

Original XLarge: 38mm (1.5") x 18mm

Slim XLarge: 38mm (1.5") x 15mm

The presses works best with 1/8" mandrel.  If you work primarily with 3/32nd mandrels you can select that modification, which we will provide at no charge.

We have provided a video tutorial to support you as you get to know your new tool!

How to decide which thickness is best for you...

Original: You like chunky beads.  You work in layers, and like to have depth to give you room to create the layers.  You prefer a dramatic curve on the bead surface.

Slim: You like slimmer beads.  You work with lots of raised surface decoration, so you like to have a base to work on without the finished bead becoming heavy and thick.

Curious about which size is best for you?  Check out our "Shopping Tips Section".