Texture Tool Set

I (Amy) had been working out how to execute textures for a while. I never liked the fact you could so easily distort your well shaped bead by pressing too hard when you added the texture. I also felt that making a nicely shaped bead, then adding the texture then having to tweak to keep the nice ends/sides, was time consuming. I wanted to make it so that the user could do everything at once, with very little tweaking.

I also wanted to avoid the need to purchase a different press each time you wanted a different shape/texture combo. That was too cost prohibitive. Cost is something we are always concerned about, and we want to make all our products reasonably accessible.

I woke up one night with the idea of changeable plates!  The screw plates allow for the versatility while still being cost sensitive. I'm pleased with how versatile we were able to be with this, and still keep the cost down.

Zoozii's now carries a great line of plates that can be used in a mix and match fashion! In addition the following shapes and textures there is also a collection of words that can be added to this system!  A great way to say what you have to say, also great for charity fundraisers and sports teams!


Shape Plates Texture Plates
Hex Trio (13, 15, 18mm) Grid Texture
Hex Large (24.5mm or 1")

Straight Lines Texture

Tab Trio (13, 15, 18mm) Bullseye Texture
Tab Medium+ (21mm) Spiral Texture
Tab Large (24.5mm or 1") Diagonal Lines Texture

Tile Trio (13, 15, 18mm)

Wave Texture

Tile Trio (13, 15, 18mm)

Zig Zag Texture
Zulu Trio (sizes in listing) Polka Dot Texture
Zulu Large (size in listing)
Heart Medium+ (size in listing)
Heart Large (size in listing)
Long Bar Shape (size in listing)
Short Bar Shape (size in listing)