Charm Box

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Seven Cavities, 6 different shapes, all with large holes, to create charm bracelet beads! The standard mandrel groove for this tool can accommodate a 5/32 or 3/16 mandrel.  We offer a modification for a 1/4" mandrel option.

Nugget: 14.5mm square, 12mm thick
Cube: 13mm on all sides
Tube: 15mm long, 12mm thick
Crystal: 12mm hole to hole, 14mm side to side and 17mm tip to tip
Smaller Disk: 15mm tall, 6mm thick (hole to hole)
Larger Disk: 16mm tall, 7mm thick (hole to hole)
Sphere/Round/Ball: 15mm round

Note: This tool is designed for large hole beads. We will not modify this for standard mandrel grooves. All the shapes are available in other formats, suitable for that size mandrel.