There are two different styles of hearts in a standard style press, currently available from Zooziis.  We also offer hearts in our Texture Tools Collection, as well as a super cute Heart Drawer Knob!

The Lovin' tools are puffy hearts with the mandrel running left to right. They are made with the bottom of the bead in the bottom of the press and the top of the bead in the top of the press.

It is a cute, puffy heart! I love this shape!!! Once you make the basic shape you can stylize to make it personal, as hearts should be!

What you NEED TO KNOW: I recommend a razor tool. You can purchase one here. You could use a butter knife or other tool that has a similar blade. But if you need one, you can order it now and I'll include it with your tool!

The Sweethearts are thin, flat and have a slight facet on the edges. The mandrel groove runs top to bottom. If you firepolish the facets on the edges you will get a rounded soft edge.

The Lovin' presses come in 3 sizes:

Small: 15mm hole to hole and 15mm tip to tip x 12mm thick at the thickest point.

Medium: 17mm hole to hole and 17mm tip to tip. It is mm thick at the thickest point.

Large: 25mm (1") hole to hole and 25mm (1") tip to tip. It is 15mm thick at the thickest point.

The Sweethearts come in 6 sizes:

Sweetheart Mini Duo:  

  • 11mm hole to hole, 11mm side to side and 6mm thick
  • 15mm hole to hole, 15mm side to side and 6mm thick.

Sweetheart Medium Duo:

  • This duo contains to different hearts. One is the Sweetheart style with the faceted edges: measures 20mm tip to tip, 20mm side to side and 6mm thick.
  • The other is a tile style heart with straight edges: Measures 17mm tip to tip, 17mm side to side and 6mm thick.

Sweetheart Large: 

  • 26mm hole to hole, 26mm side to side, 6mm thick

Sweetheart XL:

  • 32mm tip to tip, 32mm side to side, 8mm thick

We have a PDF tutorial to assist you in getting started with your Sweetheart press: