Beadmakers Giving Back

Beads of Courage is an organization providing beads and joy for children who are going through cancer treatments.  The beads are given for various reasons to remind the recipient and their families how far they have come.  You can watch a video about the organization here and decide if you'd like to donates your beads to support the efforts.

Heather Sellers is offering an adorable e-book on her website that can support you in making fabulous beads for BOC.  All profits from the book is also a donation to the organization. Heather Sellers E-book.

Ideas for making beads to donate to Beads of Courage:

Each time you order a new press, make 10 beads for beads of courage!  This will help you get to know the press, creating muscle memory for future torch sessions, and will give you a great opportunity to play with your new tools!

Each time you get a new order of glass, make 10 beads for beads of courage!  This will let you play around with color combos! So fun!

Make word beads!  What a great way to send a little message with your bead.  Words like strength, hope, love, and joy are great words to send along!

Beading for your favorite cause!  

Would you like to make beads to support your favorite organization?  We offer custom word plates!  This allows you to personalize a message for your favorite sports team, school, charity, anyone you want raise funds to support!

International Society of Glass Beadmakers:

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) is the leading organization for the promotion, education, and appreciation of the art of glass beadmaking for wearable, sculptural, and functional art.

Their mission is to preserve the rich and diverse traditions of the art of glass beadmaking and glassworking techniques; promote educational initiatives and professional development; and encourage innovative use of complementary mediums among artists and craftspeople.

They invite you to join them on our journey through collaborative creativity in the worlds of glass and complementary mediums.

If you want to join them, please head over to their site!  If you are interested in connecting with other glass beadmakers, you can look for local chapters or plan to attend their annual event, The Gathering!