Word Plates

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What do you want to say? Word beads are fun to make for Beads of Courage or any other favorite charity fundraiser, sports team, baby shower gifts, so many times that special words make an impact!  You can select one of our words, or make up your own, that is up to 8 letters long!

These plates are designed to fit in Frame Plates, to be used with the Texture Tool Base and Shape Plates. You can use it as is, for free form beads, as well. When used with the frame you will be able to position the plate to allow the word to run either Vertical or Horizontal to the mandrel hole.

Texture Tool section of the store, and you have a parallel masher, that is truly parallel, with a texture. Or add a shape plate, and you can make a well shaped bead with fun waves on the surface.  

We have a FAQ page for the Texture/Word Tool System, and we have created a video tutorial that explains the various ways to configure the plates to create textures, words and more with this super versatile tool!