Tile XLarge

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The simple shape has straight sides and flat surfaces both front and back.  This is a great canvas for a wide range of decorations.

The Tile XLarge measures:

38mm (1.5") x 8mm

The mandrel groove accommodates a 1/8" mandrel.

Think outside the box:

Press your bead.  Then with a hot tungsten poker, create a hole through the bead.  You can repress, if you warp the shape.  Repressing might warp the hole, a little, but you can always re-poke the hole.  As long as you keep the bead warm, you can press and poke as much as you need to get the hole clean and the shape crisp.  I poked two holes in this Large Tile, but the same could be done with the XLarge, then threaded ribbon through each hole and tied them in the front!  Very fun.