Tile Large

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The simple shape has straight sides and flat surfaces both front and back.  This is a great canvas for a wide range of decorations.

The Tile Large measures:

24.5mm (1") x 8mm 

This tool contains a mandrel groove to accommodate a 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel, if you prefer to use 3/32nd mandrels, you may select to have us modify your tool.

Fun Fact: This tools is a great companion for the Pillow. If you use the base of this tool with the top of the Pillow in coordinating sizes, you will make great flatback Pillows! 

Think outside the box:

Press your bead.  Then with a hot tungsten poker, create a hole through the bead.  You can repress, if you warp the shape.  Repressing might warp the hole, a little, but you can always clean that up.  As long as you keep the bead warm, you can press and poke as much as you need to get the hole clean and the shape crisp.  I poked two holes in this Large Tile, then threaded ribbon through each hole and tied it in the front!  Very fun.