Special Nugget

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The Nugget has a flat edge along the mandrel, and the curved surface comes to a narrow flat edge along the adjacent sides.  What makes this the Special Nugget is the fact it is Rectangular instead of square like the Nuggets typically are.  You have two size options, the Special Nugget or the Special Nugget Mini.

The options measure as follows:

Special Nugget: 

  • 18mm x 21mm x  mm thick
  •  21mm x 24mm x mm thick

Special Nugget Mini:

  • 15mm x 13mm x 6mm thick
  • 18mm x 15mm x 7mm thick

Both presses accommodate a 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel.  If you work primarily with 3/32nd mandrels we give you the option to modify the mandrel groove at no additional cost to you.

Curious about which size is best for you?  Check out our "Shopping Tips Section".

The bracelet was made by Ellen Gaimari, using the Special Nugget Mini (large cavity).

Amy Kinsch made the strung beads using the Special Nugget.