Short Bar Shape Plate

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Short Bar Shape Plates are designed to be used with the Texture Tool Base. You can either place a texture plate on the base, followed one of these plates, then screw together to make textured beads, or you can omit the texture plate and you can simply make a simple bar bead without texture. 

These Plates come in a set of two. They make beads that measure:

  • 29mm Long (approximately 1 1/8") and 13mm wide is about 6mm thick (8mm with textures).

These plates contain a mandrel groove to accommodate a 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel, if you prefer to use 3/32nd mandrels, you may select to have us modify your tool.

We have a FAQ page for the Texture/Word Tool System, and we have created a video tutorial that explains the various ways to configure the plates to create textures, words and more with this super versatile tool!


  • If using this with word presses you can accommodate up to a 5 letters.