Nugget Trio

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The Nugget has a flat edge along the mandrel, and the curved surface comes to a point on the adjacent sides.  This profile comes in both a square (Nugget) and rectangular (Special Nugget) format. 

The square nugget comes in both an Original and Slim version and pairs nicely with the Straight Sided Lentil Tools.  In fact, we created the Medium+ Duo in both an Original and Slim thickness, which is one tool with both the Nugget and Straight Sided Lentil in the Medium+ Sizing  which is 21mm!

How to decide which thickness is best for you...

Original: You like chunky beads.  You work in layers, and like to have depth to give you room to create the layers.  You prefer a dramatic curve on the bead surface.

The beads in the Nugget Trio Small measure

13mm x 7mm thick, 15mm x 9mm thick, 18 mm x 10mm thick

Slim: You like slimmer beads.  You work with lots of raised surface decoration, so you like to have a base to work on without the finished bead becoming heavy and thick.

The beads in the Slim Nugget Trio Small measure:

13mm x 6mm thick, 15mm x 6mm thick, 18mm x 8mm thick

The beads in the Slim Nugget Trio Large measure:

15mm x 6mm thick, 18mm x 8mm thick, 21mm x 10mm thick

This shape is available in the full size range Zooziis offers.  To view the dimensions for all sizes, please view the chart on the Nugget Collection page.

Curious about which size is best for you?  Check out our "Shopping Tips Section".