Lovin' Small

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The quintessential puffy heart.  The Lovin' hearts have the mandrel groove running left to right and are very easy to customize.  They are made with the bottom of the bead in the bottom of the press and the top of the bead in the top of the press. Once it comes out of the press, it's a very cool triangular shape, which can be left as is, or turned into a heart by simply adding the crease in the top.  If you are having a challenge visualizing this, please check out our tutorial, which will show you how easy this press is to use.

The Lovin' Small measures:

15mm hole to hole and 15mm tip to tip x 12mm thick at the thickest point.

There are 2 other sizes available: Medium and Large

You can add a razor tool to your purchase, easily by selecting the product option that contains it, in the drop down menu.

We have created a PDF Tutorial to support you in using your new Lovin' press!