Kalera Long and Lean

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The shape is a rectangle, with a curved surface on the top and bottom.  It's as if you took two 1/4 sections of pipe and set them on top of each other.  You have a flat end near the mandrel, a curved surface that meets at a point on the edges adjacent the mandrel. This is a great focal!

The press works best with 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel.  We do not recommend using a thicker mandrel, like the 3/32nd, due to how thin the finished bead is, however, if you prefer to use 3/32nd mandrels, we have provided that option at no additional charge.

Kalera Long and Lean measures:

  • 1 1/2" long (38mm), 19mm wide and 6mm thick

        This is a versatile shape that came out of the collaboration with Kalera Stratton.  To read more about that and our other collaborations, you can head over to the Collaborations page!