Frame Plate

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Designed to be used with the Texture Tool Base, this Frame holds the Word Plates in place. This is not a shape plate, as it has no mandrel groove. It is for holding the word plates.

These Plates come in a set of two. This allows for designs and words to be added to either the top or bottom of your press. In addition to these Frame Plates, you will want to select your desired word plates, as well as a Texture Tool Base and a set of shape plates.  This will give you all the components you need to create crisp well shaped beads, with words on them! 

For questions and answers on this tool system please click the link below. For more photos of these Plates please click on the link under the picture above.

    We have a FAQ page for the Texture/Word Tool System, and we have created a video tutorial that explains the various ways to configure the plates to create textures, words and more with this super versatile tool!