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These wonderful tools were built around the Make-A-Finial (MAF) kits by Marj Bates. If you'd like to learn more about Marj, or our collaboration with her and other glass bead makers, please head over to the Collaborations page!

Now you can easily customize your lamps to coordinate with any decor! 

The Finial press is very versatile. You can make finials using the Kit, available separately or bundled with this tool, or you can use the end of a 1/8" mandrel to make a vessel style creation. With a little creativity you could make this bead off mandrel to create a functional Spinning Top.

The finished Finial Measures:

Base to Tip 39mm (1 3/8") and is 24.5mm (1") at it's fattest point. The little base is 13mm (1/2") across and about 7mm tall.