Curved Focal

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This is a Curved Focal press that works with the curved mandrels to create a unique curved focal bead!  This press has a mandrel groove designed to accommodate both the curve and 1/8" diameter of the curved mandrels.  The press may be purchased on it's own, but will need the curved mandrels in order to use the press.  It will not work with standard straight mandrels.

The finished bead measures:

15mm wide x 56mm hole to hole (approx. 2 1/4") x 8mm thick.

Pictured with the 15mm (small) Straight Sided Lentil Trio (Original), which comes in a trio of sizes!

We recommend using the curved mandrels with Foster Fire Bead Release. Other releases, that need to have the bead twisted in order to break the seal and remove the bead, will not work well with these mandrels. We have provided you with "bundles" containing presses, mandrels and bead release for easy ordering.