Texture Tool FAQ

This is a very versatile tool. The following are some questions that you might have while deciding which plates are best for you! Here is a video I made that further explains how this fabulous system works: Texture and Word Tool Kit Tutorial

Can I make one texture on the top and a different texture on the bottom?

Yes, you can use a plate from one set on the top and a plate from another set on the bottom.

Can I make a bead with no texture?

Yes, simply do not put a texture plate inbetween the shape plate and the smooth base. Then it works like a regular press, so if you have a Tile shape plate you will get a regular tile bead, with no texture.

Can I make a bead with another ZooziiTool and texture it after, instead of buying all the shape plates, since I already have some of the shapes?

You can, but you will distort the shape when you do that.  This is why we created the system to have a shape plate, so the glass has limits and stays the shape you want!

Can I make a non-pressed bead and texture it?

Yes. You can make, for example, a barrel bead free hand, then roll it or press it onto the plate to get the desired effect.

What if I'm not thrilled with all the screwing and unscrewing? Can I still use this tool?

Yes.  I (Amy) actually omit screws of the bottom set-up with good results.  I do still screw the top. You could also purchase multiple bases, so you can create the set ups you want on each base that you will basically leave as is and use as desired.  You would still have the option to switch it up, but it reduces the need to switch it up as often.

What if the texture comes out great on one side, but is cloudy on the other?

You don't have quite enough glass in the press. You can add glass to the side that is lacking by make a dot in the center. Reheat and repress. 

What if I want texture on one side, but not the other, but still want to use the shape plates?

Only put a texture plate on one side of the press. This will still allow the bead to have an even amount of glass on the top and the bottom, but will texture only one side.

 Why did you use the screws?

I (Amy) had been working out how to execute textures for a while. I never liked the fact you could so easily distort your well shaped bead by pressing too hard when you added the texture. I also felt that making a nicely shaped bead, then adding the texture then having to tweak to keep the nice ends/sides, was time consuming. I wanted to make it so that the user could do everything at once, with very little tweaking.

I also wanted to avoid the need to purchase a different press each time you wanted a different shape/texture combo. That was too cost prohibitive. Cost is something we are always concerned about, and we want to make all our products reasonably accessible.

I woke up one night with the idea of changeable plates!  The screw plates allow for the versatility while still being cost sensitive. I'm pleased with how versatile we were able to be with this, and still keep the cost down.

What if I lose a screw?

Your base set will come with extra screws, just in case!  They are a standard size and we will have them on hand if you need more just contact us!

How does the kit compare in pricing to regular tools

Your initial investment is $30.00 for the base and $30.00 for a shape plate, $60.00 total.  If you compare to the same tool as a stand alone press that would be $50.00-$55.00. However, once you have the you can buy individual parts at only $30.00 each, so if you bought the Tab to start and add Zulu Trio Shape plates the new shape, basically a new press, is only $30.00!  This makes the system much more cost effective then even buying individual presses. Because of the versatility you have infinitely more options, with the various shape, texture, word combos available!

Which shapes are available in this press?

Zulu, Tile, Tab and Hex come in Trios and Larges.  We also have a Long Bar and Short Bar which are particularly great for word beads.  We have Medium+ (21mm) and Large (1") heart plates.  A Medium+ (21mm) Tab. We can add more shapes upon request.

What Textures will this be available in?

There are currently 8 texture plates: polka dots, diagonal lines, grid, bullseye, wave, zigzag, straight lines and spiral. We are open to requests. Once you get your kits and work with them, feel free to email us about other plates you'd like to see!



Here are some pics of the tool fully assembled so you can see how these plates work together: