Zulu Trio

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Zulu...the beads remind me of the cool shields of the Zulu People! The holes go side to side, creating some great texture in finished jewelry pieces! The shape is available in a Trio and Large press.

Zulu Trio measures:

Mini: 16.5mm long x 11mm wide x 7mm thick
Small: 19mm long x 13 wide x 7mm thick
Medium: 23 long x 15 wide x 7mm thick

This tool contains a mandrel groove to accommodate a 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel, if you prefer to use 3/32nd mandrels, you may select to have us modify your tool.

Hint: This tool works well with a "chunky donut bead" as the "pre-press" shape. The donut should be about 1mm thinner on each side then the press is wide.

Credit: The beautiful multi-colored dotted beads was provided by Moon Stumpp.