Optic Molds

Optic Molds are a fabulous way to be the base of your cane!  Simply form a gather on the end of your glass rod and then plunge into your mold.  We have 3 varieties available.

Heart Optic Mold: The hearts are about 3/4" wide at the bottom of the mold and 7/8" wide at the top of the mold.

5 Point Star or 6 Point Star: The stars are about 3/4" in diameter at the bottom of the mold and 7/8" in diameter at the top.

The molds themselves are 1.5" high and may be 1.75" or 2" square.

Note: This tool will become hot with use, so be careful if you move it after using it.  We recommend placing it on a heat resistant surface, like a graphite pad, to keep from damaging the table underneath.