Domed Marver for Cabochon Mandrels

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The domed marver came about due to my (Amy) own glass working needs.  I am a knitter, and was making lots and lots and lots of buttons, which I used myself or sold in my local yarn store!  I was using the tops of some of other Zoozii presses to aid in forming the surface of the cabochon I use to make my buttons.  I found that using the tool tops worked well, but felt that a larger and deeper cavity, that has a great slope would allow me to use the large cabochon mandrels, as well as the ovals.  This handy little marver is one of many that my dad made for me, trying to find just the right slope.  I love this, and use it for the tiny 3/4 round all the way up to the 1.5" cabochons. 

The cavity measures 1.5" across and is about 1/2" deep.

This is a marver, not a press, and is designed to aid in shaping the surface when using the cabochon mandrels.  It is not a marble mold, or designed for making beads, but as with anything, you may find other uses for it!