Oval Cabochon Mandrels

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This mandrel lets you make flat bottomed shapes, great for cabochons, pet rocks, Cuff links or refrigerator magnets...so many ideas for this inventive tool. A "nub" on the tip of the mandrel helps hold your work in place. You can assist the shaping of your Cabochon by using the top of any of the ZooziiPresses or purchase a Domed Marver, a tool that was made specifically for use with the Cabochon mandrels up to 1.5" in size.

All Cabochon Mandrels are made of stainless steel. 1/8" diameter handle, 9" long overall. This mandrel is shorter than my others because you often have to twirl it at an angle. The shorter handle allows you to tip it up.

We have tips for you, in using your new Cabochon Mandrels.  We recommend a rounded reamer for cleaning out the little indent left by the nub on the mandrels.

The Oval Cabochon mandrels come in the following sizes:

  • Small: 13mm x 18mm
  • Medium: 18mm x 25mm (about 1")
  • Large: 25mm (about 1") x 35mm (about 1.5")

The small oval buttons were made by securing a button shank to the back!