Val Cox Marver

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This fabulous, versitile tool is based on a prototype that Val Cox designed for her personal bead making use. She came to Zoozii's with her original design and some changes she wanted to make, that would turn this tool into a work of art, in itself.

The Val Cox Marver will assist you in making lovely, Olive Shaped beads, and with your creativity, much, much more! We have provided a beautiful PDF tutorial done by Val Cox to support you in using your new tool!

The brass marver measures 2" square around the outer edge.  There is a buffer between the marver and the base.  This keeps the heat from traveling, allowing the base to stay cool while working, and letting you move the tool as needed.

Note:  You will receive beeswax with your tool.  Glass blowers use wax to allow the glass to slide over the surface of their tools, and we are using it in the same fashion, on this smaller scale.  You can scroll down in Val's Tutorial and she will show you how to apply the wax to your new tool!

Credit: The string of beads, Chalk Drawings, was done by Jennifer Gurganus.