Pillow Medium+

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The Pillow was the tool that started Zooziis.  For the full story, please check out the About Us Page. The pillow looks very much like a square throw pillow, like you'd place on a couch.  It's thicker in the center and comes to points along the outer edges.  

We have also created a Straight Sided version.  The straight sides allow for more glass around the mandrel grooves so the slight divots that occur in the Pillow doesn't happen with the Straight Sided Pillow.

The Pillow Med+ is a single cavity tool measuring 21mm square by 9mm thick.

The press works best with 1/16th or 5/64th mandrel.  If you work primarily with 3/32nd mandrels you can select that modification, which we will provide at no charge.

We have provided a PDF tutorial to support you as you begin enjoying the Pillow tools! 

For a full chart of the sizing in the Pillow category, including the Pillow option, please go to the Pillow Category page.