Off Mandrel Presses

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These are very exciting tools!! You can now get the wonderful Lentil or Pillow Shapes you love with out using a mandrel!

You simply form a gather on the end of your rod, press, punty, burn off glass rod, repress, add loop and you have a beautiful Off Mandrel Pendant! The groove for the glass rod will accommodate up to a 10mm rod of glass.

  • A loop to the top creates a great pendant!
  • You could add a loop to the back for a nice big sweater or coat button!!  
  • We had fun adding larger rings to the back, making great napkin rings, or rings for your fingers, if you like your jewelry chunky!

The beads measure:

Lentil: 24.5mm (1") x 14mm thick

Pillow: 24.5mm (1") x 15mm thick

We have provided a PDF Tutorial to support you in using your new tool!