Tools to assist in making round or spherical beads.

There are two tool styles to pick from presses or marver.

The presses are a "Make Your Own" press. This means you are given size options for each size press, you select the size cavities you want and state those during the checkout process in the notes section. We make the press to order. Because these are special orders, we quote a 2 week turn around time. If you need it faster, feel free to email and I'll see what I can do.

We created a PDF Tutorial to support you in learning how to use your new tool! Lori Greenberg also did a great video tutorial using the round press, that can also aid in using your Sphere Tube Marver! 

The Marver is pre-made like all our other tools, and will ship as ordered. It comes with the cavity sizes in the listing. It is a hands free option, and also has a channel for assisting with tube beads.